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How to take your measurements

Hey !!!

The first thing you should do is use the measuring tape and write down your

measurements as explained above. Then compare with our table to find out what size you are, ok?

Did you find your size? Deep down, we are always afraid to buy a piece online without trying it on, isn't it? With this in mind and how to make your life easier, here is our measurement chart for you to use as a basis to find your ideal size. Remembering that each piece has its peculiarity, each fabric has a different fit and if you need more help, just contact us on whatsapp by CLICKING HERE. We will be happy to help you and see you looking beautiful using Clara Arruda.

And if even so, if the piece has not turned out as you would like, we understand that each person has a unique biotype and that we have several models developed with great care for you, there will always be the one that will best match your style! Don't be sad, we'll help you choose another perfect model. Our team is here ready to see you happy, beautiful and fulfilled!


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